Systems Integration

GTR as part of its services provides System Integration services and it forms the core of its services that leads to the development of an overall integrated technological system. GTR has the experience of integrated government systems and..

Application Development

GTR have team of professional developers based in Dubai UAE. The developers are skilled in a vast spectrum of development frameworks and languages. GTR’s development team have developed application systems for Governments and ..

Data Centre Services

GTR has implemented many datacenter projects, provided support and maintenance services to customers in UAE, Africa and Afghanistan. GTR deployed systems for National Datacenters and Critical Government Infrastructures.

Smart Cards

GTR has successfully delivered more than 15 million Smart Cards for different governments across the world. More than 15 million IC Chips with Applets has also been delivered to the clients. GTR can be your polycarbonate based smart card provider that you can trust based on the successfully past performance.

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

GTR is Gold Partner of an industry leading PKI provider Entrust. GTR provides on-premises, managed and as-a-service deployed models of PKI to support any customer uses cases.

Smart Card Personalization System

GTR provides the ultimate identity card platform to prepare and personalize Smart ID Cards. GTR is Gold Partner Of Entrust the manufacturer of trusted high volume card issuance system. It’s the ideal system for any operation that takes metrics seriously — from cards-per-hour and cost-per-card to image quality and mailing accuracy. Up to 1,800 CPH rated speed keeps operations moving fast.

Atom Application Suite

Atom is a suite of applications built on the idea that identification and verification of users is fundamentally essential for efficient and accountable government transactions. The atom suite accelerates digital transformation and secure service delivery to the citizens.