Smart Cards

Polycarbonate cards are high strength, durable, lightweight, and flexible cards produced from a group of thermoplastic polymers with embedded integrated circuit (IC) chips that securely store critical identification information.  It is an increasingly popular choice in many countries worldwide, as it significantly enhances the level of ID document security and it has won the trust of many governments around the globe.

Polycarbonate cards contains layers of polycarbonate films, laminated into a single solid layer. The films cannot be subsequently separated without destroying the card enhancing protection against tampering and fraud. Chips and antennas are securely embedded in the layered films of a polycarbonate card.

Polycarbonate cards can benefit from the virtually tamper-proof personalization technique of laser engraving. Polycarbonate cards are the next evolution in secure plastic card identification. Burning identity data into the credential means that no one can physically alter the card.

GTR has successfully delivered more than 15 million Smart Cards for different governments across the world. More than 15 million IC Chips with Applets has also been delivered to the clients. GTR can be your polycarbonate based smart card provider that you can trust based on the successfully past performance.