Atom Application Suite

Atom Application Suite

Atom Application Suite is a suite of Biometrics enabled applications particularly designed and developed to identify and verify individuals and citizens.

Atom is built on the idea that identification and verification of users is fundamentally essential for efficient and accountable government

It accelerates digital transformation and secure service delivery to the citizens.

The system identifies and authenticates individuals in a reliable and fast way through unique biological characteristics & cryptographic algorithms to maximize citizen inclusivity and accessibility by complying with regulations


Atom Standards

ATOM Uses Technologies that comply with NIST MINEX III, NIST IREX IX, NIST PFT II, NIST FRVT 2018, NIST FRVT Ongoing, NIST FrVTE 2012 and NFIQ v2.0, ISO/IEC 29794-1:2016 and ISO/IEC 29794-4:2017.

ATOM CORE (Biometrics and PKI)

The Core of Atom application suite is made of Biometrics and Public Key Infrastructure

Atom’s Core Application capture Individuals Biometrics and issues Atom Identity Number (AIN) which is Individual’s Biometrics Key used for Identification and Verification.

ATOM FUSION (Integration Hub)

Fusion Application Systems allows all government services to use identification and verification from the single fault tolerant silo of biometrics system.

It is an integration gate allowing secure data sharing between the systems by passing required data back and forth.