Infrastructure Services

Datacenters Solutions

The core component of an ICT infrastructure is the datacenter. Datacenters are facilities that host critical and sometimes classified application systems dedicated to provide one or more services to the users. GTR has designed and built many national datacenters in the past few years, applying international standards such as TIA-942 to ensure availability, scalability and security

Electro Mechanical Part of Datacenters

Presently, consolidation, server virtualization, designing, deploying, and managing the physical infrastructure is becoming a costly and time consuming process. Therefore; the constantly changing, complex technology landscapes, datacenters will continue to face unique demands on the physical infrastructure. GTR provides solutions and ensures that the solutions match and align to your desideratum. Our expertise includes:
1. Datacenter Location Architecture Design
2. Power Management System
3. Lighting Systems
4. Networks and Computer Infrastructure
5. Air Conditioning and Ventilation System
6. Fire Suppression System
7. Environment Monitoring System
8. Datacenter Video Surveillance
9. Datacenter Network Operation Management

Maintenance and Support

GTR is committed to providing quality based IT services to our valuable customers because satisfaction of our customers is at the pinnacle of our core values. Our relation with our customers is sustainable on total integrity, consideration, and care.