Application Development

Application development is the process of designing, building, and implementing software applications. It can be done by massive organizations with large teams working on projects, or by a single freelance developer. Application development defines the process of how the application is made, and generally follows a standard methodology.

To ensure a project to be rated as a succes GTR adheres to its doctrine of under- standing what is important for success. To further establish positive results, GTR takes a holistic approach to its projects, delving more to understand the dynamics of project drivers and priorities and adapt to the fact that these may shift over time. GTR accomplishes the definition of success in a project through maintaining alignment of major stakeholders including the immediate project team on all important strategic and tactical issues, resulting satisfaction of the stakeholders, the project teams, and customers.

GTR uses Agile Project Management Methodologies for its projects. Agile uses sprints, or set of time when a certain feature should be built, tested, and presented. It tries to incorporate the entire SDLC for a feature into each sprint. This, ideally, helps to stick to a planned schedule, but also allow for frequent reviews.