GTR executive management has bolstered human capital through energetic human resources composed of a strong team of intellectual, disciplined, and skillful youngsters led by Mr. Mirwais Alizai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) the fourth figure from left in the above management team picture. We believe in the capacity of young intellectuals as to work together as a team and as parts of a single body toward a prosperous and evergreen outcome and its relevant impact on the community.

For biography of Mr. Alizai, CEO, please refer to “Leadership” option in “About Us” menu of the website.

The above picture represents members of the team and the sole body that are currently serving the government and the nation of Afghanistan for the proper issuance of national ID cards under the project “Electronic National Identification Document (eNID).” As a strong and committed team we thrive to deliver electronic national ID cards to millions of Afghans who have suffered throughout the history. We! Shoulder to shoulder of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, help the Afghan nation to witness and reach to the pinnacles of technological developments henceforth.