Collaborative Education System

GTR is committed to enhance the education level of youngsters at every level and is striving to bring quality education and adhere to the global standards of learning across borders. It has taken the initiative to even standardization the education system in United Arab Emirates (UAE) under an auspicious project entitled “Collaborative Education System.” It is due to a large percentage of public schools in Dubai that have insufficient learning facilities. The initiative is carried out through the proper implementation of the “Collaborative Education System” project toward the accreditation of schools and to bring high literacy rate, modern programs and women’s access in education. The government of UAE is intending to spend 25% of government spending on education encompassing mentoring program to 50 public schools from western principles; “deviating from the traditional methods of passive memorization and rote learning instead of encouraging active students’ participation.” What forms the objective for the project is to develop education and human resources sectors in Dubai, to license educational institutes, to bring the new school model on critical thinking-oriented curriculum, to improve innovative skills, to focus more on the self-learning abilities of students, to bring the teacher licensing system, to develop the modern curricula with assorted and non-monotonous means of training and evaluation, and to introduce advance education techniques in general.

The project is further glamorized with introducing the “Smart Education Lifecycle” to motivate students with creativity, sharing, exchange, participation in the academic achievement, and satisfaction the Smart Education Lifecycle is composed of five effective learning and reporting steps as Mobile Communication “Parents in Closed-loop,” Class Supporting Tools ” Student Motivation, “Flipped Classroom Model “Class Model Innovation,” Teaching Method and Resources ” Teacher Capability Program,” and Statistics and Analytics “Proactive Government.” Based on the Parents in Closed Loop system, the school administrator, line teacher and parents will be connected through a particular core admin module through which parents will be kept aware regarding student’ attendance status, progress, class-counseling feedback, and school events. Similarly, based on the Students Motivation Smart Tools, students will be further motivated to student harder through technology by designing their classes with electronic board, Wi-Fi, electronic podium (Tablet PC), book scanner (Viewer), smart pad, (Cam-coder), and CoEDU system servers.