Front Desk Services Project (Citizens Documents Attestation-MoFA)

Client:Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Afghanistan (MoFA)
Status: In progress

The scope of this project is the attestation of citizens' document through Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). MOFA had to deal with a huge number of citizens on a daily basis who were visiting for attestation of a variety of documents like 1) Birth Certificates, 2) English version of Paper Tazkira, 3) Marriage Status Certificates, 4) Educational Documents, 5) Power of Attorney Documents, 6) Commerce Related Documents, and 7) Driving License.
MoFA’s Directorate for Consulate Affairs is the only directorate dealing with all the requests from citizens, handling all the daily citizens’ requests have become challenging and has made MoFA:
a) Vulnerable for security risks,
b) Slowed down document processing speed,
c) Taking citizens towards dissatisfaction,
d) Need for more resource allocation

So, owing to above issues, the leadership of MoFA has decided to outsource the Front Desk Services for Consulate Affairs and improving the effectiveness of the services provided to citizens. GTR was able to gain this project through a proper well standardized proposed solution by:
a) Minimizing citizen’s direct contact to MoFA,
b) Increasing Transparency,
c) Enhancing and Speedup of work process,
d) Increasing in level of citizen satisfaction,
e) Controlling Expenses.

    GTR Vision
  • Towards sustainable Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure for community empowerment.