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E-Governance Solutions

GTR has a seasoned and highly capable international team of e-Governance solution designers and developers. Having in-house competences. GTR has developed a wide range of solutions to government organizations including, but not limited to, the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The team uses a wide spectrum of e-Government frameworks to ensure interoperability, scalability and security. GTR can be your experienced development partner to deliver cost effective custom solutions that exactly meet your needs. The company assists you in choosing the appropriate solution in accordance to your requirements.

GTR is experienced in Customized Application Architecture. Since there are three main business operations in a system, it is important to keep each operation independent while keeping the functionalities independent as well. Components are drawn and classified based on their business characteristics by taking functional independence of each operation. This is to implement quality attributes such as re-usability, ease-of-modification, and ease-of-maintenance.