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Biometrics System

Biometrics System is one of the most advanced, accurate, reliable & sough after identification & verification systems used by many countries around the world. This system is used to check a person’s identity by using human being’s personal unique and permanent physical features (Fingerprint, Facial Image, Farm image, Vein and Iris) or behavioral features (Voice, Signature & Key stroke) captured with the help of electronic devices.

Biometrics technology has enhanced security to compare with existing PIN (Personal Identification Number) method using 1:1 matching (verification ) and 1:N matching (Identification). Lately biometrics technology is emerging new identification method to replace all existing methods due to its’ enhanced information protection and data security. Core technology of biometrics is rapid and correct authentication of identity.

By adopting Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and Automatic Iris Identification System (AIIS) systems & it’s unlimited applicable fields, biometrics system can be used as one of the suitable solution for an enterprise identification & verification environment.