1. Capacity Building
GTR believes that capacity building is the core toward development especially in the aspect of technology. Thus, we consider investing on capacity building and skills development as return on investments. GTR provides various on job trainnings to its employees to even enhance their educational capacity to ensure success throughout its business process.

2. Life at GTR

a. Health and Wellness

We care for health and wellness of our employees to be healthy, cherished, and energetic. Not only health but wellness along is of a top priority to the executive management of GTR.

b. Safety

We conduct a thoroughly separate survey regarding the safety measurements prior to open an office and or a site office only to make sure that the safety plan for our employees has been solidly implemented. Because, our employees form and operate as nucleus of a cell in GTR and are granted with full consideration and dignity.

c. Development and Career Building

Off-course career building and development in one’s life is always a desired aim. We! here at GTR, facilitate and provide our employees with noble career building opportunities to find themselves in the peaks of development in both short and long periods.

d. Fun and Flexibility

Employees working under the ceiling of GTR family and contribute toward the creation of such an admiring and friendly environment where everybody would wish to become a member. We organize gatherings, fun events, and ceremonies for our employees beside their working hours to live in a professional and pleasant environment.