Systems Integration

Systems Integration:
As part of System Engineering, GTR provides a Systems Integration (SI) solution which involves the integration of hardware, software, products, services, processes and human resource. From a process perspective, systems integration process creates the links within the systems engineering process from requirements collection to acquisition, verification, validation and ultimately to the utilization of the system.

GTR has deployed integrated large-scale systems for National projects. Systems integration is one of the key success factors in large-scale implementation projects. The focus of integration is different depending on the nature of services objectives and architecture. To avoid failure or loss, GTR as your technological advocate, addresses the four fundamental principles of systems integration that are 1) Interconnectivity 2) Interoperability 3) Semantic consistency 4) Convergent Integrations.

To accommodate the increasing requirements for interconnectivity, interoperability a semantic consistency, vendors and standardization bodies introduce new systems, and technologies at a rapid rate. Integrators are challenged to integrate state-of-the-art systems as the state of the art continually changes. GTR always accepts the challenges, improves its knowledge base, and skill sets and finally transform a diverse and isolated set of systems into an integrated system that we can call an operational capability.   

    GTR Vision
  • Towards sustainable Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure for community empowerment.