Mirwais Alizai

       Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mirwais Alizai is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grand Technology Resources (GTR), who was born in a business oriented family in Kabul, Afghanistan. He pursued his qualification and acquired his bachelor degree in the field of Business Administration. He has years of leadership experience and has speaking dominance over Pashto, Dari, Urdu and English languages.

Mirwais Alizai first commenced his business journey in 1998; initially inaugurating his business of import and export across countries. The realm of his business expanded horizontally when he collaborated with Malaysian business partners to establish and ultimately wholly acquire a multinational company under the name of Grand Technology Resources (GTR) in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and expanded its country offices in Afghanistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2006. To accommodate the company’s rapid expansion of its products and services, its system development office was established in Seoul, South Korea. Through the platform of GTR, Mirwais Alizai aims to bring businesses, governments, and communities to the massive use of technology and technological innovations.

In line with his cardinal vision for growth, he is actively involved in molding synergies and forging partnerships with seasoned market participants in a variety of business activities. Capitalizing on the surge in demand of consumer electronics, Mirwais Alizai ventured into BLUESONIC, a growing Digital Electronics Production Company with prominent presence in different countries including, but not limited to, Canada, UK and Afghanistan, and serves as its Vice President. In 2016, Mirwais Alizai expanded his portfolio in the Manufacturing industry by acquiring management rights in PIRAMIDE CUCINE, a prestigious, established and renowned name in high quality Italian Modular Kitchens with sizeable production facilities in Italy and UAE. To amplify the business diversity, Mirwais Alizai established GLOBIX, a petroleum company that operates in the aspect of oil distribution in various countries. Furthermore, in association with industry veterans, customized Logistic solutions are also being provided to eminent multinational companies and governments in different regions.

Mirwais Alizai also supports and contributes to the cultural values reflected through the execution of programs and events around the world. He is the executive producer of one of the movies "Hyena Road,” a high octane Afghanistan war epic in partnership with Rhombus media Inc. Toronto, Canada. Similarly, through his deep personal commitment to prosperity and representation of his native country, Mirwais Alizai was instrumental in sponsoring an exhibition "Before The Dawn”, in London, England, which was inked on canvas by renowned UK based artist Arabella Dorman, as inspired by her time spent in Afghanistan.

As a result of his undeterred dedication and hard work towards contributing to the Afghanistan economy through self-sufficiency of the Afghan community by not only creating employment opportunities but also donating his time and means for the wellbeing of his compatriots, Mirwais Alizai was nominated for  the distinguished "Successful Young Businessman” award by Youth Initiative for Social Changes and Development and was conferred by his Excellency, Mr. Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan in January 2016 during the Hopes & Challenges Event. His Excellency praised Mirwais Alizai as a role model of success and endurance for his generation.

    GTR Vision
  • Towards sustainable Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure for community empowerment.